Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Laconic History of the World

…all the places along the way…concisely if somewhat short on particulars…

Laconic History of The World

"Martin Elmer's "Laconic History of the World" is a typographic map of the world that reduces each country to a single word. It was produced, Martin says, "by running all the various countries' 'History of _____' Wikipedia article through a word cloud, then writing out the most common word to fit into the country's boundary. The result is thousands of years of human history oversimplified into 100-some words." Martin has also created a graphic reader's companion that explains the results."
Laconic History of the World and comments above via Jonathon Crowe, who blogs/ has blogged non-fiction articles, maps, garter snakes, neat photos and other projects.

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