Saturday, July 21, 2012

Byzantium 1200

…more pictures, pages of them & then sailing to it (Yeats)

Byzantium 1200 is a non-funded and non-profit project aimed at creating computer reconstructions of the Byzantine Monuments located in Istanbul, TURKEY as of year 1200 AD. This project is partly inspired by the model of the old city in Rome and the famous painting of Istanbul by Allan Sorell which are shown [above].

Albrecht Berger told me that our knowledge about 12th century was limited and almost nothing is known about the houses that people lived. He suggested choosing another century. But he could not change my decision and we chose 12th century's last year 1200. One of the reasons we chose this year was that 1200 was a few years before the Crusade. The Crusaders who came to the city on 1204 devastated much of Istanbul....On February of 1994, we began our project by reconstructing the Hippodrome.

Introduction to Byzantium 1200, and now Sailing to Byzantium, WB Yeats:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old Pueblo, New Info

There's a new way to learn about the old pueblo in Tijeras according to the MountainView Telegraph. Both the Village of Tijeras and the ancient pueblo archaeological site (links below) are points of interest on the Salt Mission Trails Byway. See also the Virtual Salt Missions Trail project and the Salt Mission Trails blog
The front of a new sign at the Tijeras Pueblo Interpretive Center shows an aerial view of the site, a drawing of how the pueblo may have looked during part of its occupation, and an image showing the excavation process. The other side of the sign has information about a nearby garden.

The sign was installed this month by the Friends of Tijeras Pueblo. For those who make the trip out to see the new sign, there is also a free, self-guided trail at the site. The site is behind the Sandia Ranger Station, which is on the east side of N.M. 337 (South 14) and south of Tijeras. 
The interpretive center — which has historical displays and a few children's activities — is open for limited hours over the weekend and by appointment. Call 400-8687 for more information or to arrange a tour.
Old Pueblo, New Info

San Francisco apartments the size of parking spaces

Storify asks. "Could You Live in an Apartment the Size of a San Francisco Parking Space?"