Monday, February 22, 2010

starting from the end

Mountainair Community Park, on Cedar

Somewhere around here I probably have a picture of the house and/or yard. That would be the best start.  Maybe I can find it later. Until then, this view of Mountainair strikes me as somehow just as if not more representative of Mountainair's stalled Zeitgeist than Broadway (downtown). Who live on Broadway? It's the main drag that strangers drive through town on. 

This is probably the end point in the line of places I have lived, visited, passed through. Maybe not but it feels like it. So I'll start here because it is where I am now, then off to the races. From the beginning as best I can remember it. The ends will be easy enough. The middle parts messier, more easily muddled. The long stretch in south Louisiana between Germany and California are going to seem interminable. Pre-Lafayette doodlebugging chronology will be my best guess, along with the name of Texas townlets.  

Next stop: Canton NY // perhaps Spokane & Walla Walla WA as well. Now to try for a picture of the Canton farmhouse.