Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grand Central Station, Main Concourse

Definitely belongs among places along the way and worth more than just the cursory glance. Let's just say I have a (cyber) connection to make but will be back this way. Click to view larger image.

Grand Central test.jpg
View inside the Main Concourse, facing east

Train stations, like rivers or beaches, would make an interesting subcategory, a way to compare subsets of the city or nature. Train stations I have known: Atocha, Candanchu, Gare du Sud, Gare du Nord, Müunchen Bahnhof, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ramses Station (Cairo), Gare du Lyon, Gempf. Even shabby train stations have a charm even the best appointed bus station lacks.

Friday, August 13, 2010

where is home?

A perennial question and quest for the place-sensitive person considering places along way. Not just where home is but what as well. Why are some of us more obsessed with the question than others? Are the homeless minds looking for homes more sensitive to place than the rooted for whom places are eternally divided into home and elsewhere, alien, not home?

Although the blog mission is to explore specific places, "homeness" (not necessarily the same as heimlich but related) goes the why of the matter. The following is reposted from the Bookforum blog. More than a few take on the the question of home, others alterity and manufactured roots.