Sunday, January 19, 2014

#city & other getaways

…#CityMOOC fodder from the mbx works on multiple levels: place, city, even #rhizo14although that could take some 'splainin to connect. Pinterest's label,"ideas for a long weekend getaway" is not even on the list since I hardly ever "get away" unless I can do virtually -- and that is just about every day, 

Rhizomatic connects here because a) it describes my social media network explorations, b) the interests they connect, and c) may (as Michael Melcher said about the metaphor) be another, better organizing metaphor for both networks and cities. Searching "rhizome +city" turns up intriguing results like the Urban Rhizome or the Rhizome Collective -- others too. Going on 15 years after, and I'm still collecting spatial metaphors to "organize" (ha!) and imagine/visualize cityspace: rhizome joins — consolidates — palimpsest and labyrinth, but counters quincunx (perhaps as anti- or un- in a Greimas schematic)

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