Sunday, February 19, 2012

New York City 1834 - 1851

City scapes and spaces: lflynn's Delicious Stack for New York City 1834 - 1851

The Shakespeare Tavern: Moved to the corner of Williams and Duane near five points and city hall after the tavern was dismantled in 1836. Run by Robert Anderson in directory of 1842 and in 1848 a meeting place for German immigrants and refugees of the 1848 revolutions in europe. Still in operation in 1860. Image from NYPL Digital Images Collection
"He looked at the cowrie, “Awright, may you come and get it, may you na’,” he threw his arm back, slung it far as he could toward the shore; and as the ship’s wake passed over that little holy land cowrie, as it drifted into the deep sediment off the far branches of the Hudson River, deep pockets of mud, layers from the early peoples, from the land animals, ancient things down there, more ancient than the name of our lord, deep brine of the beginning. So too like all before it, the little cowrie reached the mud and stuck, forever swallowed and no amount of hope from a twenty-two-year-old would be able to resurrect it."
And more, including but not limited to: a NYC 19th c. Timeline; Walt Whitman Walking Tour, 1841; maps, guides; prints; histories; directories; narratives; etc

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