Monday, July 25, 2011

The mythological city

Still collecting interesting sites, book reviews, images, articles about city spaces, real and imagined, and citylit. Is it simple aggregation ot thoughtful research? Does it matter? Probably not.

Wendl's article addresses marking and reading cityspace, aka semiotics of the city ~ graffiti, advertising, signs and public arts ~ all ways of marking cityspace and leaving messages that not all will read the same way.

El Dorado imagined, minus advertising or graffiti: tabula rasa
"Whether it is prehistoric paintings on the walls of caves or the graffiti and advertising we see all over the walls of our modern cities, people need to mark out their space, distinguish it from the untamed wilderness. Peter Wendl asks why we still need to produce signs and icons in public spaces."
Urban Graffiti: imagining the authentic city

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